Welcome to Army of Dads. We're a company with a mission: to protect kids. Hey, that's what Dads do.



The Army of Dads Mission is to protect the health and well being of children everywhere.  We do this by channeling the protective power of Dads, and supporting credible organizations that share our mission, vision and values. We earn our money by selling our Army of Dads gift merchandise, and then we donate 50% of our net profits to charity.

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We sell righteous, Dad-worthy items. And donate 50% of our net profits to organizations that are in-line with our mission. Our merchandise is more than a great Father's Day gift--it's stuff that celebrates the adventure that is Dadhood, and helps kids. It's hard to imagine shopping anywhere else. 

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Army of Dads is a membership-based organization. Members will receive special discounts, exclusive offers and other envy-inducing perks. Pretty soon, we're going to start charging for membership, but for now, a lifetime membership is FREE. So go ahead, and sign up. Really, why wouldn't you?