Quitters Never Win. Or Do They?

Noah Berlatsky published an interesting piece on The Atlantic website today, “Teaching Kids To Quit.” He makes the argument that sometimes, it’s best for kids to quit something they don’t enjoy. I agree.

Persistence and tenacity are great life skills to instill in kids, but so is judgement. Even history’s greatest generals would occasionally make the decision to sound retreat, regroup and live to fight another day. I’ve never been an advocate of the Quitters-Never-Win-and-Winners-Never-Quit edict. Life is seldom that black and white.

A couple years ago, my son, Younger One, had experienced all the Little League baseball he cared to, at least for a while. My instructions to him were simple; finish the season, honor the commitment you’ve made to your teammates, then move on. 

Jim Valvano said, “Never, ever, ever give up.” He was talking about his battle with cancer, not Little League baseball. It’s important for Dads to teach their kids to know the difference. 

What do you think?