Getting The Call

My dear friend Hugh got the call today. It was from his daughter. Around this time of year, lots of Dads are getting the call. If they’re lucky.

I remember when I got the call two years ago. “Well,” Older One said, “I’m done with college.”

I silently burst into tears. He had just walked out of his last exam. Of his final semester. Of his Senior year. And he called me on his cell phone. He was done with college.   

It’s not like it was some big shock. It was four years in the making, after all. We had already made our travel plans for attending his graduation ceremony the next week. But I guess I wasn’t fully aware of the details of his exam schedule, so when I got the call, it took me by surprise. 

I remember how I, as a student, felt at that moment some 30 years earlier. Of course, I didn’t have a cell phone to call my Dad, or anyone else for that matter, but I shall never forget the quiet satisfaction of that moment. I knew Older One was feeling it. I was so thrilled for him, and so proud of him. 

Hugh and his wife have made their travel plans, and they’ll be heading off for graduation ceremonies next week. But today Hugh got the call. And today, he’s feeling pretty damn good.