2014 Annual Report

2014 was a great year for Army of Dads. We expanded our product line to include more T-shirts and some beautiful, artisan-made zebrawood bottle openers. We grew our email database, and Facebook following. We had some fun with our blog posts, and met a lot of good people--Dads and otherwise--who share our sense of purpose.

Unfortunately, 2014 was not a stellar year financially. In fact, we lost money. Our balance sheet is pretty simple. Our expenses for the year were comprised of product inventory, product design, Internet hosting fees, a tiny bit of Facebook advertising, New York State corporate fees and postage.

That's it. No salaries, health insurance, rent, car leases, cell phones or anything else. (We run a lean operation, by golly.)

Our revenue came exclusively from product sales. We just didn't sell enough to cover our expenses, scant as they may be. We'll work on that in 2015.

As you probably know, Army of Dads donates 50% of its net profits to organizations that support our mission of promoting the health and well being of kids everywhere. Even though we weren't profitable in 2014, we still made donations of $50 each to Save The Children and Feeding America. We'll work on that in 2015, as well.

We thank all our friends for their support and encouragement last year. We look forward to a banner 2015.