DAD Magazine: A Review

Don’t feel bad if you missed the first 99 years of DAD Magazine, because the 100th Anniversary Issue will tell you all you need to know about the magazine “For Dads, by Dads.”

I’ve always been drawn to satire, starting with MAD Magazine in my youth. Over time, my fondness for humor magazines evolved to embrace National Lampoon, SPY and The Onion. DAD Magazine now proudly takes its place among this pantheon of legends.

The 100th Anniversary Issue cover

The 100th Anniversary Issue cover

DAD Magazine embraces pretty much all the classic Dad stereotypes, depicting Dads as handy, frugal, fashion-challenged, grumpy, meat-eating, beer-drinking, sports-obsessed and resistant to change, especially regarding technology.

Given this, it might be tempting to dismiss DAD Magazine as trite, one-dimensional and condescending, but there’s a mitigating factor; it’s hilarious.

Just look at some of these article titles, “What’s Going On With Your Neighbor’s Yard?,” “Lately, Every Sport Has Been Ruined,” “Trick Your Body Into Being Healthy” and “Car Maintenance; Why You Should Never Go To The Mechanic.”

Even the (fake) ads in DAD Magazine are funny. Featured products include Complete Meal In A Can, Patriarch (a fragrance that’s “a lusty combination of pine, fresh cut grass & cedar chips”) and Kenny V’s Sorta-Pro Golf Lessons. The fine print disclaimer for a toaster oven ad reads, “TOASTMEISTER and its affiliates are not responsible for any death, injuries or damage as a result from using their product(s).”

DAD Magazine sports a retro graphic style that’s about as dated as the Dad stereotypes it celebrates. The ads especially look like they’re time travelers from the 1950’s. A few subtle references to same-sex marriage, however, let us know that DAD Magazine is, in fact, a product of these times.

The “magazine” is the brainchild of Jaya Saxena and Matt Lubchansky, accomplished humor writers who live in New York, with the graphic design by Philadelphia’s Headcase Design.

As Dads, we have to be able to laugh at ourselves. DAD Magazine provides a perfect opportunity to do just that.

DAD Magazine is available on Amazon, and would make an ideal Father’s Day gift. Of course, we have a few of those ourselves.