Read This First

Dads come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. But there’s one thing all Dads have in common.

If you're a Dad, no one messes with your kids.

 But if you look around, there are lots of things in the world today that are, indeed, messing with our kids. Greenhouse gasses. Global warming. Mercury into our water supply. Diesel exhaust. Educational underfunding. Drug abuse and its associated violence. Food security. Hunger. Poverty. HIV/AIDS. Obesity. Diabetes. The list goes on. 

Army of Dads is here to help. Army of Dads is a for-profit company created to combat anything that attempts to mess with our kids.

We do this by selling things. When you purchase an Army of Dads product, you know that you are helping kids.

Every year, Army of Dads will donate 50% of our net profits to credible, established organizations that support children’s health and well-being.