First Post

Why am I doing this?

Because the world needs another blog?

Yes, exactly! No more calls, we have a winner!

No, the purpose of this blog is to bring about social change. But not in some rainbow, unicorn, cuddly kitten sort of way. No, I, Hank Stewart, aim to channel the ferocious might of an indefatigable—yet underutilized—source of power, Dads. 

We Dads come in all shapes, sizes  and varieties. We’re a big, diverse group. But there’s one thing all Dads have in common. If you’re a Dad, no one messes with your kids. 

Yet if you look around the world these days, there are plenty of things that are, indeed, messing with our kids. Pollution, climate change, food safety, disease, poverty, hunger. The list goes on.

Army of Dads is here to help. By raising awareness of these issues, I’m hoping to get the awesome force of Dads to be part of the solution. Not just one or two Dads. Not just a bunch of Dads. Not a smattering, nor a herd, nor even a shitload of Dads. But an Army of Dads!

There is strength in numbers.

At the same time, this blog will be a celebration of Dadhood, and all the crazy, manic, hilarious, maddening things that entails. Being a Dad is the ultimate thrill ride (complete with screaming and vomit!). It has its highs, lows, twists, turns, blindspots...and all we can do is hold on tight, and hope to keep the thing on the rails.

Fasten your seatbelts, there’s much more to come.