A New Video from J&J starring Dads

There's a new video from the nice people at Johnson & Johnson. While J&J’s core brand equity will always be Moms and Babies, it’s nice to see them acknowledge that Dads play a key role, too. 

The video, “Distinctly Dad” features a child psychologist talking about the many ways kids benefit from having Dads who are actively engaged in their childhood. It’s really nothing you didn’t already feel on a intuitive level, but it’s interesting to hear it codified by a Yale School of Medicine professor.

The video also sprinkles the stories of specific Dads and their kids, which are heart-warming without being cheesy or sappy.

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s interesting to see how more and more mainstream consumer package goods companies, like J&J and Unilever (Dove) are shifting the way Dads are portrayed. We’re suddenly more dimensional, human and important. It’s nice to see.